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Save hours with incredible Western Auto Tools!

Western Auto is a global tool supplier and market leader for all sorts of workshop equipment, industrial tools, handling solutions, and commercial trucks. We deliver a range of equipment that deals with building or construction, engineering, and process automation in remote sites. Our global network of partners and dealers allows us to reach target customers in almost all parts of the world. Here is a brief of our smart out-of-the-box and powerful hand tools, workshop equipment, and supplies:

Tool Box and Accessories

    Several custom specifications available

    We can source tool boxes and accessories in bulk (volume).


    Presented in different ranges of 3/8", 1/2" and, " mm.

    Equipped with instinctive drive socket and ratchet push through type.

    Hand Sockets 1/4 through 1 inch

    Impact sockets, 1/4 through 2 inch

    Wrenches available as open, combination, ratcheting adjustable, pipe and others

Industrial Hand Cleaners

    Imported from international markets such as UK, USA, and Korea, branded industrial hand cleaners are traded to our customers worldwide.

    These industrial hand cleaners are used in shipping, automobile, and other industries. 


Western Auto is the authorized dealer and tool supplier of Griphold range of products:

    Hydraulic torque tools

    Impact sockets

    Deep sockets

    Pneumatic tools

    Heavy duty spanner

    Sockets up to 1'1/2 inch square drive

Torque wrench

For various applications, our superb quality Torque wrench products exceed customer expectations.

    Ratchet and Non Ratchet Types

    Range of 10Nm-2000Nm

Power Tools

Power tools can be categorized in two different categories, immobile fixed tools and handheld portable power tools. These tools are widely used for cutting, shaping, sanding, drilling, painting, polishing, and grinding in small and medium sized constructions. Our robust power tools are powered by an electric motor, compressed air motor, or a gasoline engine to ensure compliance with green technologies.

Our power tool portfolio includes:

    Air Texture Spray Guns

    Impact Wrenches & Tools

    Pneumatic Caulking Guns

    Pneumatic Drills

    Pneumatic Polishers

    Pneumatic Ratchets

    Pneumatic Screw drivers

    Pneumatic Hammers

For more products or equipments, reach us at 043680260 or info@etawestern.com now! 

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