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Advance security of your assets with our Security Accessories!

We, Western Auto, not just understand our customers but also value them and their assets. Our all-inclusive services and products are geared to enhance their life and work in all aspects.

In recent years, security has become a real concern in the world affairs. Increasing demand for security equipment and accessories such as ballistic vest, ballistic helmet, bullet resistant glass, transit vans, and armoured vehicles, etc. indicates the level of distress and apprehension.

We recognized this fact and decided to help our clients with the reliable and secure equipment and accessories to protect them from hazards, terror, riots, fights, and invasion.

Our secure security product range encompasses a wide variety of products, including:

         Armored vehicles, transit vans, spare parts for armored cars, and other unique accessories.

         Bullet-proof vest, ballistic vest, ballistic helmet, and other safety clothing.

         Hand-held and walk-through advanced metal detectors for secure passage.

         Intuitive vehicle scanners, bridge scanners, and automatic alarms, etc. for on-road safety.

         Routine security equipment such as handcuffs, gloves, fire extinguishers, and bullet resistant glass.

Our secure equipment and accessories let our clients feel safer and enables them to travel with minimum risk. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at our email <Email address> or phone number <Phone Number>.
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