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     Power Generation

Environment green power generation solutions for your organization!

Western Auto is pursuing excellent growth opportunities in the power generation and energy management industry. The Western Auto UN power generation division has supplied on-site standby generators and office automation products to a number of organizations in the international market to help them accelerate their routine tasks and work speed. The continuous growth in the field has led us to acquire a unique position in the market. We connect with our clients to provide them with the most affable and reliable power solutions to support their in-house custom infrastructure. Our Diesel generators are ideal and top-selling for reserve and emergency power requirements.

Here is our complete portfolio of Stand-by Generators and Power Products:

·         Emergency Power Generators – To provide alternate or back-up power source.

·         Diesel Generators – Low cost and agile. 

·         Gaseous Generators – Perfect for Industries and large organizations.

·         Construction Portable and Mobile Generators – Transportable and best for construction sites.

·         Diesel Engines – Excellent power generation units.

·         Automatic Transfer Switches – To reduce manual fatigue and automate power switching.

·         Manual Transfer Switches – These switches offer greater control and management.

·         Marine Generators – Designed for Power Generation in marine transport.

·         Propulsion Engines – Uses a thrust generation process to optimize power in air transport.

·         Mobile Light Towers – Offer mobile power sources anywhere, anytime.

·         Agricultural Generators – Equipped with power solutions for agricultural fields and markets.

·         Switchable Voltage Generators – Robust and convenient switching of voltage.

·         RV And Commercial Compact Gas And Diesel Generators – Lightweight and quick Generators for Offices.

·         Container Generators - Complete sound attenuated Generators with built-in fuel storage and distribution.

·         Electrical Generator Ends For AC/DC Applications – Custom-built generators for corporate clients and enterprise organizations.

·         Movie Industry Super Quiet Generators – Low Noise generators specifically designed and designated for Movie/Film Industry.

·         Commercial And Residential Ultra-Quiet Generators – Innovative and intuitive design with minimum noise for office and home users.

·         Trailer Mounted Construction Generators –Trailer-mounted or skid-mounted Generators specialize in power production for construction sites and remote locations.

·         Power Modules – Effective and ergonomic.

·         Larger Cogeneration Systems – Leverage simultaneous production of heat and electricity for large and enterprise organizations and industries.

·         Used Generators – Refurbished and inexpensive stand-by generator.

·         Electrical Transformers

·         Switch Gear

·         Parallel Equipment

·         Fuel Tanks

·         Generator Controllers

Best Quality Brands

Western Auto promises to bring the highest quality generators and engines for our esteemed customers. We offer a complete variety of world-leading brands such as Cummins, John Deere, Perkins, Volvo and Isuzu diesel generators.  In addition, we have generator ends from Marathon, Stamford-Newage and Leroy Sommer.

Prompt Availability:

We have an adequate stock of power generators and parts and we are able to ship these products to the local shipping address or the port within 2 days. Beside the complete range of generators, we have ample stock of transfer switches, fuel tanks, trailers and a full line of accessories for end-to-end power requirements.

Extraordinary Service:

Our customer-responsive support team ensures nationwide service facilities.We encourage service requests or consultation through email or telephone.Please contact us at info@etawestern.com or 043680260 to get your stand-by power infrastructure up and running.


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