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Advanced Office Automation Products and Services

Western Auto is an exclusive UN supplier of various equipment and tools. Over a short period, it has extended its reach to several target markets and has been delivering effective business solutions to a global customer base.

We, Western Auto team, bring vast experience with a wide range of products and services from relief equipment to IT products, material handling and storage equipment, building and construction solutions, vehicles, and security products, etc. 

Our purpose is to deliver all-in-one solutions to our valuable clients and help them prioritize success and continuous growth in the long-run. Our office automation products desktops, printers, generators, stabilizers, telecommunication equipment, UPS, laptops, photocopiers, and Fax machines are sourced from leading manufacturers and market leaders in IT products worldwide.  In compliance with our core value, we establish a reliable and positive relationship with our entire customer base local or remote. We market reliable and flexible office automation products, information technology equipment and personalized services to our esteemed customers all at one place.

The Western Auto UN office automation products feature:

   Next-generation designs and flexible interface

   Integration with existing resources and infrastructure

   Custom development of solutions in collaboration with clients

   Broad range of products from smart hardware equipment to sophisticated infrastructure and networking equipment, and servers, etc.

   Easy to use and easy to operate

   Low cost and reliable

For further details and information about our integrated information technology solutions and services, please contact our customer friendly support team at 043680260 or info@etawestern.com.


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