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Best Security Vehicles for the Worst Condition!

In addition to complete disaster kits and emergency equipment, Western Auto UN – Project Vehicles offers a great variety of security vehicles for personal and commercial use. Our clients are the most valuable assets we have and we ensure that we get them the best possible security vehicles or accessories/parts as needed.

Through our project vehicles, we have partnered with some of the leading security vehicle brands to offer you the right mix of driver-friendly vehicles, right at your door step.

Our top-selling commercial vehicles include:

·   Toyota Land Cruiser-200 – Built with cutting-edge technologies, Land Cruiser-200 is the advanced Toyota vehicle with a stronger, smarter, and safer design. Our exclusive Land Cruiser 200 series is a testament of what can be attained when you settle for nothing but the best. Equipped with two advance power-generating engines, VVT-I Technology and Twin Turbo Diesel, Toyota Land Cruiser can take you anywhere in just a snap!

·   Toyota Land Cruiser-78 – A part of the popular 70 series, Toyota Land Cruiser-78 Wagon is born into greatness. The smart wagon combines advanced technologies and design sophistication with a proven performance record in the worst conditions to give you a vehicle that can take on multiple challenges simultaneously. 

·   Toyota Land Cruiser-76 – The Toyota Land Cruiser-76 Station Wagon is designed to get “any” job done. It features a robust and adventurous look that can tackle the toughest terrain with its monstrous 4x4 ability. The Land Cruiser-76 Station Wagon comes with a powerful air conditioner, smart satellite navigation systems, electrically adjustable windows, and radio/CD player, etc.

Our dedicated team has designed an engaging catalogue of the security vehicles we market and trade in. Please feel free to reach us at 043680260 or email info@etawestern.com at for more details and secure a detailed demonstration of our product portfolio.


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