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Due to the surge in terrorism and perceptible increase in religious and political global issues, security has become a vital priority throughout the world.  However, standard security measures and defense tactics are limited to the protection of general assets such as buildings, public infrastructure, and people from unfortunate terrorist acts and events.  Western Auto UN, an unprecedented armored vehicle supplier and dealer, brings together a unique range of armoured vehicles, bullet proof cars, riot vehicles, military troop carriers, bank trucks, ambulances, and armoured vehicle parts, etc. to ensure complete protection from rebel attempts and attacks in whatever form.

Here are some out-of-the-box features of our advanced armoured cars and SUV vehicles:

·  Reliable hermetic seal of passenger compartments

·  Increased levels of ballistic reinforcement

·  No offset windows, complete exclusion of risk areas

·  Unprecedented resistance and protection against ballistic attacks and explosions

·  The cutting-edge ballistic overlapping technology minimizes noise

·  Convenient and unhindered Entry and Exit from the armoured vehicles

·  Prudent design with almost imperceptible armour.

·  Recognized and authorized by governments, armed forces, agencies, diplomats, and multinational organizations worldwide.

Western Auto UN Security Products:

Western Auto, armoured vehicle supplier, is dedicated to promote better and safe living and has been involved in marketing revolutionary armoured cars and armoured vehicle parts. In collaboration with leading manufacturers, we offer an extensive range of high-quality SUV vehicles and bullet proof cars for law enforcement agencies, departments of defence, and governments across the world to help them secure valuable assets – anywhere, anytime – from all kinds of attacks.

Beside armoured vehicles and parts, Western Auto also deals on ambulance sales and power-boost cars like the VR6. The Volkswagen Golf VR6 cars use the latest technologies with scrupulous attention to detail inside and out. Equipped with advanced safety and off-road technologies, VR6 is crafted by world’s foremost engineers to tackle the toughest terrain.

At Western Auto UN, our absolute mission is to provide the best quality vehicles to secure the lives and valuables of our customers. To consult with our team for threat assessment and custom manufactured armoured vehicles, please contact us at 043680260 or  info@etawestern.com .




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